Skirting Leather

Harness Leather

Sole Leather

Strap Leather

Latigo Leather

Alum Tan Sides

The most important Mexican, American and European manufacturers of saddles, horseback riding accessories, pet straps and collars, proudly use Teneria Company´s leather for their products.

Skirting Leather is the tried and true workhorse of our offerings.

Our skirting leather will carve beautifully, stamp with ease and take oil like a dream. Perfect for saddles, tack or any other project requiring brute strength and durability.

We currently offer our skirting leather in Golden, Walnut, Chestnut, Mahogany, DOA, Q-Tan, Black, Walnut and Burgundy.

Weights Available: 10 - 17 Oz

Our Harness Leather is hand selected from the finest U.S. Steers to create the most durable leather in the market. When you need your product to outlast the user, this is what you choose. Filled with oils an tallows, our harness leather will make the finest harness, reins or any other product where strength is demanded. Our two main colors of Harness are Russet and Black.

Weights Available:  10 - 17 Oz

Our Sole Leather is vegetable tanned in traditional tanning pits, providing excellent resistance to abrasion and wear.

Offered in Natural only.

Available in bends, shoulders and bellies.

Our Strap Leather is hand selected from our skirting and dry split to weight. This 100% vegetable tanned leather will mold to perfection and take oils and dyes evenly and quickly. Perfect for holsters, wallets and personal leather goods.

Offered in Natural only.

Weights Available: 4 - 10 Oz

Our Latigo Leather is often imitated but never duplicated. This special formula of Chrome-Vegetable re-tanned leather offers you the best of both worlds. Very high strength, durability and temper, all while maintaining its original beauty and color. Originally designed to be used in the equine trade, our latigo leather is now offered in a variety of colors and finishes to fit your exacting demands. This leather is as suited on a roping horse as it is for your casual dress belt.

Colors: Burgundy, Brown. Other colors available with volume order.

Available Weights: 4 - 14 Oz

Aluminum tanned leather sizing 22 - 24 SqFt per side with extraordinary resistance.

Colors:  Burgundy, White

New World Harness Sides


English Bridle Leather

Vegetable Tanned leather in 22 - 24 SqFt. sides.

Due to special tanning, greasing and oiling in the “Hot Stuff” process, this leather delivers notable characteristics: exceptional weather wear, thickness, ease of cutting, and durability in the field.

Colors: Russet, Black

Available Weights: 15/17 Oz

Chrome tanned leather in 22 - 24 SqFt. per side.

Outstanding resistance.

Colors: Black, Chieftan, Dark Brown, Medium Brown

Available Weights: 6/7 Oz

Our Bridle Leather is made using old world craftsmanship with the highest quality oils and tallows. This leather will cut beautifully, burnish to perfection and most importantly, maintain its strength and temper for years to come. This leather is best suited for strapping applications such as belts and equine purposes. We carry out bridle in two main weights: 10/12 and 13/15 Oz.

Colors available include: Black, Coffee, QTan, Walnut, Tan, Chestnut.

Custom Products

At Teneria Company we offer custom made products for customers ordering in quantity.

We make your own special leather based in your thickness/weight, texture, finishing and color specifications.

To learn more about Custom Products, please contact us.

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